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Pneumatic conveyors


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Pneumatic conveyor TransiTec Series S-WS

• For the conveying of granulate and dry powder products
• Large filtration surface
• Cleaning of the filter by air pressure
  Cleaning of the filter by adjustable clearance
• High throughput
• Ideal for the conveying over long distances
• Application area: food and plastics industry
  as well as in the sector of chemistry and environment.

Electrical control cabinet with integrated freely programmable 
  steering- setting of the suction time- calibration of the filter
Electrical control box and side channel blower mounted on
  welded frame - the frame is optionally mounted on guide rolls
  with positioners.
Various filter sizes with suitable face up to 10 m2.
Removable top for filter cleanse – with clamps for vacuum-tight
• One big product outlet nozzle ensures a free and quick emptying
  of the product precipitation hopper.
• Automatic filter cleaning after each suction operation by means of
  intermittent cleaning with compressed air. A big compressed air
  storage vessel ensures the adequate impulse intensity.

The design of the pneumatic conveyor depends of the product which has to be conveyed, the conveying distance and the required throughput. The design occurs depending of the volume of the product precipitation hopper and depending of the throughput of the side channel blower.

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Electrical Control box  and side channel blower mounted on welded frame. The frame is optionnaly mounted on guide rolls with positionners.

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Pneumatical conveyor FSB and FTB - specially appropriate for the conveyance of  plastic granulates.

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Pneumatic conveyor with control box

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Pneumatic conveyors for PET-Recycling material

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Several pneumatic conveyors for the feeding of extruder

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Feeding of a volumetric dosing unit  thanks to pneumatic conveyors

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Example of use

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Another example of use

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Feeding of a hopper with as well a pneumatic conveyor as with a mechanical spiral conveyor

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Pneumatic conveyor used for loading big bags within a big bag filling station.