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Sodimate® Silodischarge and metering units


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Silodischarge unit with one metering device

The metering device can be rigid or flexible.
In case of a rigid metering device, this one can be delivered as an horizontal metering device or be inclined up to 20° (depending of the size)

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Silodischarge unit with two metering devices:

these can be alternatively rigid oder flexible, horizontal or inclined. The can drive in one direction or in opposite directions.
These metering devices are driven independently from each other and can also have different throughputs.

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Silodischarge unit with 3 or 4 metering units

By installing under a silo an arch breaker it is possible to install up to 4 dosing screws with different outputs. Those equipments are fully adapted in gas treatment where several incineration line must be fed.