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Mechanic conveyors: spiral conveyors


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The TransiTec flexible spiral conveyor can be used for the conveyance of all kinds of bulk materials, granulates as well as powders, and can be applied to many industrial fields.
A flexible spiral, made from mild steel or from stainless steel alternatively, driven by a three-phase-motor, transports the material through a flexible polyamide tube from conveyor's intake to the outlet. The spiral conveyor is easy to install, also shortening of conveyor is possible without any difficulties in a few minutes only.
So it can simply be fitted to customer's locations. Thanks to the flexibility, obstacles can be passed, too.

Benefits of the spiral conveyor:

- noiseless and dust-free operation
- low energy demand
- Easy installation and shortening of the conveyor
- Conveyance of mixtures of several components without any
- vertical conveyance thanks to integrated centre core
- maintenance free
- output up to 20 m3/h, dependent on material characteristics
- Range of application: plant processing, foodstuffs, chemical and
  pharmaceutical industries

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For different output ranges from 0,1 up to 20 m3/h and different materials, 6 several types are available , which are different in outer tube's and spiral's diameters.
Dependent on kind, size, and flowing characteristics of the material to be conveyed, spirals with round, quadrangular or flat section are used. A flat spiral equipped with brushes is specially developed for conveyance of adhesive materials, e.g. titanium-dioxide or iron-oxide.
The maximum conveying lenght of 1 conveyor is 30 meters, dependent on material characteristics, of course. For longer distances several conveyors can be used, the material comes cascade-like from outlet from one conveyor into the inlet of the next conveyor. Conveyors with intermediate intakes and outlets are available too.

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Flexible spiral conveyor  type FR with intake to be flanged under a hopper or silo

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Flexible spiral conveyor type SR with intake to be put from above directly into the material, for instance in a drum, an octabin or similar receptacle

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Example of use 1

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Example of use 2

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Example of use 3

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Example of use 4
Several spiral conveyors in a multiple component dosing station

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Example of use 5
Discharge out of 2 silos with vertical spiral conveyors to feed an intermediate hopper with further  horizontal spiral conveyor

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Example of use 6
spiral conveyor with bended tube in stainless steel

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Example of use 7
Spiral conveyors with intermediate metal separator

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Example of use 8
Flexible laying of spiral conveyors

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Example of use 9
Spiral conveyors for feeding of a big bag as well as an octabin

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Example of use 10
Spiral conveyors connected in cascade  to  bridge longer distances, here for instance to convey a PVC-mix from a mixer into a hopper. Around 10 conveyors are placed in cascade to convey the product over a distance of about 170 meters.

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Example of use 11
horizontally placed conveyor for charging an outside standing silo

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Example of use 12
flexible laying of a spiral conveyor (bended and rising)

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Example of use 13
Bended vertical flexible spiral conveyor

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Example of use 14
rigid conveyor in pushing design, straightly connected to a sodimate anti-bridging and metering device under a silo

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Example of use 15
Conveying of different products with different conveyors on a mixing tank

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Example of use:  Conveying in cascade -Conveying of a PVC-mixture from a mixer to a hopper over a distance of about 170 meters using several spiral conveyors in cascade (~10 pieces)

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Example of use 17: Conveyance of different kind of stone with various sizes using rigid and inclined spiral conveyors in pulling version beneath container emptying stations.

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Example of use 18:

Conveying of different products as for instance iron powder, graphite powder and iron oxyde using as well rigid as also flexible spiral conveyors beneath big bag emptying and container emptying stations

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Example of use 19:

Rotatable rigid spiral conveyor beneath a big bag emptying station

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Example of use 20:

Conveying of plastic foil cuttings  thanks to several spiral conveyors in rigid, horizontal and pushing version, as well as with a bended rigid spiral conveyor in pulling version.

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Example of use 21:

conveyance of a product beneath a filter with rotary valve